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Heavy duty livestock Cattle Panel

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 livestock Cattle Panel  is usually called cattle panel,horse panel,livestock panel,corral panel etc. 

It is fabricated with welded hot dip galvanized pipes for the use of fencing livestocks,such us cattle,cow,bull,calves,Dairy sheep,goat,hog. 

Easy to assemble and lightweight for easy handling, Metal corp cattle panels are 

manufactured from high strength steel .Very popular universal panels. 6 bar 32nb pipe, 2.1m x 1.8m and 3.37m x 1.8m.

Heavy duty livestock Cattle Panel

Farm field fence Material:

Grassland fence is made by high quality Hot dipped Galvanized wire, PVC coated,Electro Galvanized wire etc. knotted by special


Farm Field fence features

1)High strength against the violent clashing of horses and other animals to ensure the safety.

2)The zinc coating layer adds corrosion and rust resistance for the fences.

3)Good flexibility; good pressure resistance, weather resistance properties, long service time

Farm field fenceApplication:

1)Grassland fence is a kind of mesh used in cattle, goat, deer, and pig.It is used for grassland, protection of ecological


2)Papadopoulos grassland, forestry, highway and environment.sports venues fence, the road network of green belt protection.

Farm field fence Productspecifications:

Mesh: (cm) 15-14-13-11-10-8-6 (by) (cm) 15-18-20-40-50-60 (Wei)

Fence Height: 0.8m, 0.9 m, 1.0 m, 1.1 m, 1.2 m , 1.5 m

our company as a livestock Cattle Panel  Supplier in China ,provide livestock Cattle Panel  ,if you need that pls contact us.

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