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Grass Protection PP PE Polypropylene Extruded Plastic Mesh

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Extruded Plastic Mesh   net is divided into two kinds: draft net and non-draft net.The plastic drawing net equipment consists of extruder,

rotating mold cooling and setting, drawing, rewinding and other auxiliary machines.According to the special requirements of the product series, using different configurations, suitable for the production of draft net, no knot net, plane water filtration net, fence net, fence net, horticulture and agriculture net, engineering net, stretch net, packaging net, fruit and vegetable net bags and mesh bags and other different functions of plastic draft net.


Grass Protection PP PE Polypropylene Extruded Plastic Mesh

    The plastic material is heated in an extruder and extruded through a screw into a special rotating head with a number of holes in the inside and outside die orifices.The molten plastic flows through the opening pores to form two strands of molten filament.Due to the rotation of the machine head, the two strands of material and wire join at one point intermittently, thus forming a network, which is then cooled and shaped into a network.


   Plastic mesh has been widely used in the packaging of various toys, food, vegetables, wine bottles, machinery parts, aquaculture, construction engineering and road traffic construction, etc., in addition, it can be used for the production of car backrest, Simmons mattress, air conditioning network, fire resistance network, roadbed network, etc.Extruded Plastic Mesh 

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