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Agricultural plastic plant climbing support net

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Plant trellis netting also named plant climbing net, cucumber net, plastic climbing net, is a solid versatile plastic mesh,

designed to climbing plants or vegetables to grow up, to provide vertical support and horizontal support. 

Feature: Strength,creep, corrosion-resistant, anti-aging. 

Vertical support: to support and encourage the vines vegetable crops, including crop and lateral peas, runner beans, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, sweet peas and clematis provide support growth.

Horizontal support: mainly used to support the growth of flowers, including continuous layer daisy, delphinium, freesia, carnations or vegetable crop beans, net increased network stability and support of the child.

Agricultural Plant Support Plant Support Net


Improves phytosanitary conditions.

 Protected against UV degradation, extremely strong, manufactured out of bi-oriented polypropylene to increase its strength so it can support the weight of vegetables and foliage even under strong wind conditions.

Improves the photosynthetic efficiency as it increases solar exposure

 A vertically supported plant will be less exposed to accidental damages by workers passing by, therefore increasing the life expectancy of the plant and the number of cuts it can produce

Increases aeration, and this decreases humidity related diseases and fungi.

It allows better penetration of sprayed agrochemicals among its leaves

Facilitates pruning, and harvesting. Increases fruit size and quality as well as the physical appearance.

Increases the plantation density, improving the flowering and pollination rate.

Decreases pathogen mechanical transmission by workers.

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